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Pool Disciplines in Freediving Competitions

Static Breath Hold - Static apnea (STA)

This is a competition of holding your breath while body parallel to the surface of the water and for as long as possible, usually in a swimming pool. It is one of the most difficult disciplines. It seems simple because there is nothing to concentrate on other than holding your breath and there is no factor such as depth, but it offers an easy environment contions to finish early, since not performing underwater.

Static apnea is a discipline that can be practiced in the pool all year, perfect for freedivers living away from open waters or in colder climates where depth training all year round is not possible. It's also great training for all-around breath-holding ability, mental toughness, and confidence.

Dynamic Breath Hold - Dynamic Apnea (DYA)

It can be made with Fins (DYN) and Without Fins (DNF).

This discipline is usually done in a pool and the goal is to cover the maximum horizontal distance underwater. Both are competition disciplines. DYN is produced in two different ways as bi-fins and Mono-fin.

Dynamic disciplines are great training for technical skills and constant weight diving, especially in cold countries where access to open water diving is limited to the summer months. If some free divers are unable to equalize or find it too difficult, they can perform dynamic diving exercises with and without fins without experiencing depth problems.


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