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What is FreeDiving? Why Freedive and How to start?

What is Freediving?

In open water (sea, lake, etc.) or in the pool, we go deep with our own breath,It is a sport that we discover the underwater world by reaching long distances and time.

If it is done with proper training and techniques, it is the passport to reach the underwater world in summer or winter by improving your own diving skills. 80% of the world is water and this 97% consists of seas. Don't limit your world to just land.

Free diving offers the opportunity to experience the feeling of weightlessness, silence and eternity in space. Learning about the genetic predisposition of the human body to freediving will open the doors to a new world for you.

Why Freedive?

Freediving is a sport. It helps us stay physically and mentally healthy. It is a healthy lifestyle. As with most sports, a healthy lifestyle is key to freediving.

It is freedom . Swimming underwater is like flying. The feeling of being weightless like in space, moving the way you want without gravity limiting you and feeling the water; What could be more peaceful than that?


Makes you feel good. The only thing most of us really do is chase after happiness. Personal success and seeing what you can do in our playground and new discoveries gives happiness and motivation.

It is a challenge to your own body and mind. You can hold your breath longer, go deeper, become mentally stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable in water or at depth

How to Start FreeDiving?

There is no need for sea or depths to start free diving. After a short theoretical training, pool/shallow water training will give you perfect and comfortable beginning.

Afterwards, you can continue to explore the underwater world with open water/sea trainings.

You can develop freediving and become a natural member of the underwater world with training programs that suit your own of interest.

Freediving is always done with a buddy, It is a very entertaining group activity. It's that easy to meet new people, to see new places and get involved in a very exciting environment.


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